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docpie - python command line interface parser

An easy and Pythonic way to create your POSIX command line interface

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3 steps define command line interface

How do you define your command line interface? Write a parse by yourself or spend hours learning optparse/argparse, and modify both code side and document every time you update the interface?

Life is short, man! You can do it this way:

#  cp.py
My copy script

  cp.py [options] <source_file> <target_file>
  cp.py [options] <source_file>... <target_directory> <log_file>

  -h -? --help    print this screen
  --version       print the version of this script
  -v --verbose    print more information while  running

from docpie import docpie
args = docpie(__doc__)

Now run it

$ python cp.py a.txt b.txt c.txt /tmp cp.log
{'--': False,
 '--help': False,
 '--verbose': False,
 '--version': False,
 '-?': False,
 '-h': False,
 '-v': False,
 '<log_file>': 'cp.log',
 '<source_file>': ['a.txt', 'b.txt', 'c.txt'],
 '<target_directory>': '/tmp',
 '<target_file>': None}

Write a__doc__, pass to function, DONE! Isn't it simple? try it >>

How to Install

  1. Install release version:
    pip install docpie
  2. Install nightly version:
    pip install git+git://github.com/TylerTemp/docpie.git

Keep It Simple


Only need to follow some rules, everything will work as your definition in natural language. As soon as you finish your document, the command line interface is done.


Default value, counter, exclusive group, required, optional... All these advanced functions can be defined intuitively


It can not only deal with options like --help automaticly, but also provide many useful and handy apis that help you build complex command line interface

Don't Repeat Yourself

Keep the code side in 2 lines. All you need to do in the future update is simply update the help message.

MIT Licensed

Released under MIT free / open-sourced license , you can easily contain it no matter in personal project, group project, open sourced project or close sourced project

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