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Change Log & TODOs


  • Refactory
  • Support grouped Options
  • Add a bash auto-complete tool #2
  • Document needs a better organization



  • [fix] optionsfirst can work as expected (previously it can not recognize the expected arguments of a option and lead to fail):
    Usage: prog [options] -w<val> <arg>
    from docpie import docpie
    print(docpie(__doc__), ['prog', '-w', 'sth', 'arg'], optionsfirst=True)
    # {'--': False, '-w': 'sth', '<arg>': 'arg'}


  • [fix] the following situation will not failed now (note: not recommended, not POSIX standard)
    Usage: prog [options] <arg>
    from docpie import docpie
    docpie(__doc__, ['prog', '--force', '--', 'val'])
    # {'--': True, '--force': None, '<arg>': 'val'}


  • [fix] a typo which will cause failed to throw an error when there is an syntax error in your help message
  • [fix] issue #3


  • [new] Now repeatable arguments have a better handling way.

    First, the repeatable elements can be more than one argument, and can be nested. But can only be argument (not option, not command)

    (<arg1> <arg2>)... <arg3>

    Second, the elements after repeatable arguments can be argument and command, and can be groupd

    <arg>... <arg2> cmd
    <arg>... (cmd <arg2>) <arg3>


  • [fix] When "Usage" section contains "Options:" (e.g. "prog <options:>"), it won't be parsed as "Option" section


  • [fix] Support windows style line separator /r/n


  • [fix] When define an option like -a<arg> in "Usage" and announce -a require an argument in "Options", docpie will raise an error, which is not correct.


  • [fix] some tests will not report after them fail
  • [fix] some refactor in version 0.2.1 case argument help & version don't work as expected and won't be discovered by test


  • [fix] stdopt/attachopt/attachvalue in set_config will re-init the Docpie instance
  • [fix] <a|b> will not be parsed as <a | b> now.


  • [new] appearedonly argument to allow only show use inputted options (only options, won't affect commands/arguments)
  • [new] multi options section support. Now you can write several options like:
    Usage: git <cmd> [options] [<args>...]
    Global Options:
        -h, --help      print this message
    rm Options:  # seperate with options by breaking the line
        -f, --force     force remove a file
    add Options:  # seperate with at least one visable line
        -n, --dry-run  Don't actually add the file(s)


  • [change] use "Options" when parsing "Usage" and remove some fix method

    Though it's not recommended, you can now write:

    Usage: prog -iFILE
    Options: -i FILE    input file

    It's not clear. You'd better write -i<file> instead.

  • [new] notice user when a flag is not defined.('Unknown option:

  • [fix] handle auto_handler before matching
  • [new] optionsfirst argument
  • [change] break-change remove Docpie.option_text attribute, add Docpie.option_sections


  • [fix] merging value bug. Usage: prog [--repeat=<sth> --repeat=<sth>] matching prog will now give '--repeat=[]' instead of the old wrong value '--repeat=0'


  • [new] better error information notification.
  • [fix] better Either handling. Now Either will be expanded and throwed away. Which means now for

    Usage: prog [-v | -vv | -vvv] cmd

    can match -v cmd, -vv cmd, -vvv cmd. The old format also works

    Usage: prog [-vvv | -vv | -v] cmd

    but the new one is more readable. * [fix] remove some old api, remove save.py


  • [fix] Docpie.tokens.Argv.auto_expand handles -- in a wrong way


  • [new] Now Docpie can guess your long options. e.g. when you write both --verbose & --version, then the --verb in argv will be interpreted as --verbose, --vers as --version, the --ver will raise an error.


  • [fix] Docpie will try to push all options ahead. It fixed test.test_docpie.DocpieRunDefaultTest.test_option_unit_stack
  • [change] now Docpie.option_text will be exactly the same as the "Option" section (contains "Option" title).
  • [change] now Docpie.usage_text will be exactly the same as the "Usage" section (contains "Usage" title).
  • [change] Change the data storage to Docpie instance, now you can initialize several Docpie instances in one program with different configurations.
  • [change] Allow pickle the Docpie instance directly. Deprecate need_pickle & restore_pickle


  • [change] break-change: [] means anything in it is optional.

    Usage: prog [-dir]

    equals to

    Usage: prog [-d] [-i] [-r]

    If you want all elements to appear, use

    Usage: prog [(-dir)]


  • [fix] Usage: prog [-v] -- <args>... failed to match porg -v -- -v --verb
  • [fix] #1 command order bug.

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