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Experimental APIs

from docpie import docpie
docpie(doc, argv=None, help=True, version=None,
       stdopt=True, attachopt=True, attachvalue=True,
       auto2dashes=True, name=None, case_sensitive=False,
       optionsfirst=False, appearedonly=False, extra={})


Don't change these value unless you know what you're doing


type: bool; default: True

stdopt is a switch of POSIX standard. When set to False, options like -flag will also be interpreted as short option.

Some old programs like find use this style of command line:

find . -iname "*.pyc" -exec rm {} \;


type: bool; default: True

when set to True you can write several short option into one.

Only works when stdopt=True


type: bool; default: True

When set to True you can write a short option and the value of it's argument together.

Only works when stdopt=True

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